2018 NSF Phase II Award Winner!

THz Systems and Components for OEM Applications

The PB7220 Series of frequency domain THz spectrometers were specifically designed with OEM applications in mind. Both the single and two channel spectrometers are available in a cost-effective, enclosure-free configuration with all of the components including the fan, the heatsink, the fiber tray and the lasers attached directly to the RoHS compliant motherboard which is controlled with a Texas Instruments DSP. After calibration, the un-enclosed system can then be shipped to the customer and dropped directly into their enclosure. Calibration tables are stored in memory on the motherboard and are therefore available the first time a computer is attached to the unit via a USB or RS232 connection.

Along with headers to allow external connection of all the system LEDs, inputs and outputs, the system also includes extra digital inputs and outputs that can be configured in the firmware. All of the necessary external connections are on the back of the board and are easily available through the back of enclosure. The integrated lock-in amplifier operates at 6 kHz and a connector on the back of the board provides a signal for an external reference. Custom photomixer assemblies are available as are custom vacuum feed through connectors.